Dairy Product

We have a large client-base of dairy product manufacturers including Arla, First Milk and Meadow Foods. Working alongside each of our customers, we provide a service unrivalled within the industry.

Lloyd Fraser has a large fleet of modern liquid transportation tankers used to distribute bulk dairy products across the UK. From farm to factory, we ensure our clients’ products arrive in optimum condition, ready for processing. As a market-leading third-party logistics provider, Lloyd Fraser also takes advantage of technological advancements within the industry to offer a value-added service to each of our customers. We have world-class testing facilities and have the ability to relay accurate results back to our customers in real time. We handle the entire collection and delivery of dairy products giving manufacturers more time to focus on their other important processes. We aim to build long-lasting relationships with our customers and do so through our commitment to excellent customer service.

  • Hi-tech testing systems with real-time data-interchange
  • Modern tanker fleet with inbuilt super-speed pumping capabilities
  • Trained drivers with a passion for excellent customer service
  • Full transparency throughout the distribution process
  • Delivery of raw product in the optimum condition for processing

What Our Clients Say

“Lloyd Fraser is a key partner within our inbound logistics operations and have been so for many years. They work very well with our dairy operations and supply a service that meets all our requirements.

Their professionalism, seamless operations and responses to change that the dairy industry brings is recognised and valued within the company and we look forward to continuing working with them in the future”

Stan Coleman, Inbound Logistics Contracts Manager, Arla Foods

"Premier Foods has been working with Lloyd Fraser for many years now - during this time Lloyd Fraser has proven to be an excellent and reliable partner - they have been able to deliver significant improvements to the supply chain and are constantly striving to drive even greater efficiencies and levels of professionalism going forward. We look forward to continuing a positive and successful relationship with Lloyd Fraser in the future."

Chris Chaplin, Customer Service & Logistics Director for Grocery, Premier Foods

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