Our Technology

Taking advantage of innovative technologies
to create a better customer experience

Lloyd Fraser understands the importance of reliable technology in the retail industry and we have therefore invested heavily in our systems to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Throughout the entire distribution process, using our established supply chain and final-mile logistics network, we can accurately track and trace any product. We have integrated state-of-the-art technology into all areas of our business to ensure complete transparency for our customers. Our Windows-based system features a unique user-interface for every customer, linked directly back to the main Lloyd Fraser database. Using hi-tech handheld scanners, our drivers accurately record the collection and delivery of items whenever they change hands or reach a new destination, whether that be another store or a Lloyd Fraser depot. Our expertise also gives us the ability to integrate our own systems into those of our customers, ensuring optimum efficiency throughout the distribution network.

  • Windows-based traffic system
  • Full visibility throughout the entire distribution process
  • Personal login area with optimised user-face
  • Dedicated IT department offering help and support
  • Integration with customers’ own management systems

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or simply call to speak to an
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